Kelly Lyles C.V.

Click here for a downloadable pdf file of Kelly’s 2018 C.V.

Life is a lot of fun, and I’d like the viewers to share that in my work. Growing up all over the world, I developed an interest in people and our foibles, laughter is universal. After years in commercial art as a designer and illustrator, I’m now focused primarily on painting (oils, acrylics and watercolour, have taught all 3 media – and teach drawing at a local College and privately). I have worked in the Public art arena in that 6 of my paintings were purchased by the WASHINGTON STATE ARTS COMMISSION for various schools. And I’ve decorated 13 of the large fiberglass sculptures (Pigs, Nutcrackers, the Bucks) for various civic associations, all of which sold as fund-raisers, and also created multiple pieces for both the Eastside’s P.A.C.E and the West Seattle Merchants bench projects. I’ve also designed and painted murals, and was recently commissioned to paint an 11 ft portrait for our new Light Rail system, SOUND TRANSIT.


One of my newest series is CANDYLAND, an installation – complete with props- with over 50 small portraits of sugary treats from all over the world, over a giant acrylic on canvas “rug”of the 1960’s board-game from MILTON BRADLEY. Other completed groupings are my larger (12) oils (and glitter) ‘THE 12 STEPS’ (drunks and Junkies in compromising but all too familiar scenarios), 23 ‘Rodent’ paintings of Visual puns (SPAMSTER, BENSON & HEDGEHOGS, MICE-A-RONI, etc) and a series of smaller watercolours of mythological and historical figures entitled SAINTS & SINNERS. So although I’ve a number of different ‘styles’ and media, all are based on representational art steeped in classical training.


In terms of 3-D/more sculptural, I’m heavily involved in the ‘artcar’ community, we caravan to shows and parades all over the country. Currently I’m driving the EXCESSORIES ODD-YSSEY, a Honda Van covered with women’s fashion: shoes, purses, sunglasses and jewelry, and a hand-painted magnetic paperdoll hood with my own interchangeable outfits. My LEOPARD BERNSTEIN artcar has been seen all over the U.S. both in person and television, radio and print coverage.


My paintings, studio, home & Artcars have been featured in innumerable television shows and magazine/newspaper articles. A bibliography would include Harrod Blank’s 2 ‘Artcars’ books and his ’09 film. WIERD WASHINGTON book and Ruthann Godollei’s ROAD SHOW. National Television (TRAVEL CHANNEL, DISCOVERY, ODYSSEY Network, HGTV), International (Canada’s WIERD WHEELS) & local television (NORTHWEST AFTERNOON, EVENING MAGAZINE), local News, Public Radio, local, national (NY TIMES) and world newspapers (South African, Italian) and magazines (WOMAN’S WORLD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS, etc).