Summer & Fall 2019

I’m looking into leading another art delegation in 2020, this time to Croatia (in the past we’ve gone to China, Eastern Europe, Cuba (twice) & most recently South Africa. INCREDIBLE, all-inclusive adventures, through WTE-USA). Interested?

I have a piece in a large group show in NY, called THE CULT OF MEOW September 7-December 7th, at GRISTLE (26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn). Kittens & Cat adoptions at the opening (tempting?)!

Were working on the West Seattle Art studios tour October 5th & 6th. Every studio (maybe 10?) will have multiple artists at each stop, so theres over 30 participants (paintings, encaustics, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry & textiles). Mark your calendars!

ONGOING:   July 7-November 10th 
I’m in SUMMERTIME JAZZ, a music-themed group show at IDA CULVER RAVENNA. (2315 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115, open 7 days a week)

Texan Scott Wade (have you seen his wonderful work? ) alerted me that 
POP GOES THE WEASEL painting was picked up by a jokester Facebook group called FREE SHRUGS IMPROV this week, that was fun to expose him to a lot of new eyeballs.

On that same weasel-ey theme, my attempt at a Meerkat for Brian Lane’s block printing EXQUISITE CORPSE (a Da-Da art game where they combine various body parts for playful results) project at the GETTY MUSEUM in LA during July & August. I’m a terrible carver/printmaker, but wanted to participate in their ‘Build a Beast’ days, part of  their Bestiary exhibit