An Installation by Kelly Lyles

Some of my latest (acrylic) paintings are of Candy: it's colourful, visual, nostalgically evoking childhood memories in a lot of adults (whether it had positive associations, as in rewards or bribes, or conversely the lure of "forbidden fruits" in the stricter households). It's also Universal, all nations share a love of sugary treats, it's a common bond of simple happiness the world over. But this is a personal theme for me as well as universal - I always keep candy in my studio (as a lure to begin work), and live in fear of the doctor telling me to give up sugar...

I've now painted 50 of these small "portraits" of the candy packaging (with the decorated frames visually reinforcing the subject). They are exhibited with a large (12 x 15 feet) hand-painted canvas floorcloth of CANDYLAND, the popular Milton Bradley board game for children originally created over 70 years ago (and continually revised). A "Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little Folks", creates cavities just repeating that slogan! This exhibit is complete with props from the game; I want viewers to smile as they stroll down memory lane (or wander the Peppermint Stick Forest and the GumDrop Mountains).