Viagra Falls

Viagra Falls

Acrylic on illustration board, fake fur frame
31″ x 21″

Most images in the ‘RODENT’ series are available as matted prints (except “Hamsterdam”). Since the paintings are different dimensions, the prints are to scale, so they are not necessarily standard sizes.

Small 5″ x 7″ (approx.) are $15

Large 11″ x 17″ (approx.) for $25

Please add $2.50 shipping, and Washington State residents add 8.8% sales tax.


These paintings came about in response to the constant questions about my art-car, Leopard Bernstein. “Are you a Leo”, “You must really identify with leopards.” None of the above.

Of any animal, my personality is most akin to a hamster, and thus the ‘SPAMSTER’ piece was born, and the positive response spawned this group.

In my ‘Rodent’ series, there are no subliminal messages regarding ‘mass-media, marketing, consumerism’ et. al., I simply love verbiage and the physical representation of the word play, scale and juxtaposition of such disparate subject matter. These are simply playful pieces based on puns and alliteration. Enjoy.

(Not available as a postcard)


Spamster 2

Mice Krispies
Mice Krispies

Ferret Cake
Betty Crocker Ferret Cake

Learn more about the rodent paintings in this excerpt from the Travel Channel episode of “Only In America
Requires the free Real Player.


Acrylic with
fake fur frame
24″ x 21″

Benson and Hedgehogs
Benson & Hedgehogs
Acrylic on board, fake fur and copper-spine frame
24″ x 20″

Potato Chip–Munks

19″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas
(painted) fake fur frame

Acrylic on canvas board
3-D found object frame
20″ x 2