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Here's a list of where you see my work:

Summer & Fall 2019

I’m looking into leading another art delegation in 2020, this time to Croatia (in the past we’ve gone to China, Eastern Europe, Cuba (twice) & most recently South Africa. INCREDIBLE, all-inclusive adventures, through WTE-USA). Interested?

I have a piece in a large group show in NY, called THE CULT OF MEOW September 7-December 7th, at GRISTLE (26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn). Kittens & Cat adoptions at the opening (tempting?)!

Were working on the West Seattle Art studios tour October 5th & 6th. Every studio (maybe 10?) will have multiple artists at each stop, so theres over 30 participants (paintings, encaustics, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry & textiles). Mark your calendars!

ONGOING:   July 7-November 10th 
I’m in SUMMERTIME JAZZ, a music-themed group show at IDA CULVER RAVENNA. (2315 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115, open 7 days a week)

Texan Scott Wade (have you seen his wonderful work? ) alerted me that 
POP GOES THE WEASEL painting was picked up by a jokester Facebook group called FREE SHRUGS IMPROV this week, that was fun to expose him to a lot of new eyeballs.

On that same weasel-ey theme, my attempt at a Meerkat for Brian Lane’s block printing EXQUISITE CORPSE (a Da-Da art game where they combine various body parts for playful results) project at the GETTY MUSEUM in LA during July & August. I’m a terrible carver/printmaker, but wanted to participate in their ‘Build a Beast’ days, part of  their Bestiary exhibit


Ongoing show, my piece C.H.I.P.S. (subtitled ‘Macho Cheese Doritos’) is on the Wall of Wonder at Greg Lundgren’s art gallery/bar 1st Hill. 1005 Boren, Seattle.

My Rodent prints are always available here, 5805 14th Ave NW in Ballard. Or directly from me online or at my studio


Be sure to check back for updates