For the Birds

FOR THE BIRDS This was a commission from Santa Cruz friends, I painted 20 or more birds on their Brand-New Prius, still with Dealer plates. They also changed the HYBRID logo to say “HYBIRD”

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Excessories Odd-yssey

This is my new ArtCar!   EXCESSORIES ODD-YSSEY This van is a reflection of my love of fashion, I’m known for a flamboyant sense of style & having fun with my wardrobe, especially in grey Seattle where I desperately want to see more colour. The car is covered with women’s accessories: shoes, purses, belts, jewelry.…

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Leopard Bernstein

This was my 1989 Subaru DL wagon. We’ve travelled to art car events and parades all over the U.S. My vehicle is quite modest compared to the other spectacular sculptured, glued, welded, transformed autos you’ll see on these links and in my paintings. Bernie is covered with hundreds of big cats — lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs. He…

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